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Rochelle J. Delain, D.C.

Like many Chiropractic patients, Dr. Rochelle Delain’s first visit to a Chiropractor was due to an injury. Of that experience, Dr. Delain relates, “What I discovered was that Chiropractic was so much more than pain relief. Yes, my shoulder got better but I also began to experience many other positive changes in my overall health. I was 25 years old and had considered myself relatively healthy before the injury… and yet such symptoms as headaches, allergies, brain fog, and lack of energy I considered par for the course as I was working third shift and going to college at the time. Becoming a Chiropractic patient and realizing how much better I felt gave me a whole new perspective of health…and best of all it was totally natural and drug-free.” From that day on, Dr. Delain decided that she wanted to impart those same benefits to others. Some 20+ years later the graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic has never regretted that decision.

Chiropractic is a proven method of natural pain relief but that is only a fraction of what Chiropractic is about. Healing Place does not stop at pain relief but strives to move patients beyond that point to achieving better overall health. At Healing Place you will never be seen as a “case,” “condition,” or an “injury waiting to happen.” The body is a gift and a balanced spine and fully functioning central nervous system is one of our best weapons against poor health.

Healing Place Chiropractic and Wellness, located at 959 John B. White Sr. Blvd in Spartanburg is a part of a larger cooperative of like-minded massage therapists, and other natural health professionals under the umbrella of The Healing Place of the Carolinas. Patients of all ages and health statuses are accepted. Call (864) 764-1485 to make an appointment.

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